Schuylerville’s Creative Economy: Revibe

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Kristi Carrara opened Revibe in a 350-square foot space on Broad Street in October 2015, but always had her eye on a larger venue. Today, she has expanded into a two-floor, 3,000-square foot building where she provides a combination of traditional retail and consignment sales, and a space for others in the community to sell their own goods and services.

“I’m an accountant. That’s how I started. I’m best at putting businesses together – that’s where my creativity flourishes,” Carrara said.

Among the offerings at Revibe are singing bowls and dream catchers, handpainted buddhas and chakra candles, murals, and stones and minerals for healing purposes and natural beauty. “Everything I have focuses on nature,” she said.

Approximately a quarter of what she sells is on consignment. Carrara also rents out a large room upstairs to others in the community for events such as workshops, painting classes and meditation-themed events.

“It’s for people starting their own business, but who don’t have to worry about things like rent, bills and overhead. A big part of it is they come in and do their classes and I take care of the rest,” she said.

Carrara’s personal love are air plant holders, which are handmade. She allows customers the opportunity to build their own terrariums and fairy gardens, from base to fill, container and theme.


Revibe, 94 Broad Street, Schuylerville

(518) 507-6473  //  Revibe Website