Freelancer Feature: Aaron Moore of Acting with Aaron

Aaron Moore started “Acting with Aaron,” in 2012. Born, raised, and still living in Albany, he started teaching acting when he came back to Albany after college and noticed that there were a lot of youths in the area who were interested in the performing arts but didn’t have an outlet for it. He wanted to give back to the … Read More

Freelancer Feature: Kristoph DiMaria of Will Kempe’s Players Cooperative

“I challenge you, the readers, to consider how freelancing not only satisfies the individual creative work experience, but how it can be applied to change how our society operates – think activism, public policy, and working towards intersectional experiences and real inclusivity.” Meet our second Freelancer Friday highlight: Kristoph DiMaria. Many call him Rags, short for “Ragliacci,” his clown-performer-artists identity … Read More

Corey Aldrich : Top Picks in Downtown Troy

One of the things that attracts me to Troy the most is the diversity of culture, thought, gender and generally, the open-minded vibe I get hanging out downtown. The diversity spans socio-economic and age demographics. This is seen in many of the downtown residents and also the city government. Downtown Troy is a great combination of small and medium independent, … Read More

Freelance Feature: Jayana LaFountaine of Jayana LaFotos

There are over 16,000 freelancers in the Capital Region’s Creative Economy. In celebration of “Freelancer February,” for the next four Fridays, we will be highlighting four talented individuals from different backgrounds, with different stories, and different visions. We hope you will take inspiration from their stories and use this as a potential opportunity to collaborate and support the freelancers in … Read More

Photo Highlights: Creative Economy Mixer at Frog Alley Brewing

The #CreativeEconomyMixer at Frog Alley Brewing was a hit! We enjoyed food tastings by Bountiful Bread, drink tastings by Frog Alley Brewing, an espresso bar by Storied Coffee, and much more! Local vendors included Unconventional Medium, Tough Traveler Ltd., and Theresa With Intention. Music was provided by Olivia Quillio, and we enjoyed an interesting painting activity courtesy of Create Community Studios. It was … Read More

5 Great Places to Visit in Schenectady

Schenectady has been undergoing a renaissance over the past few years. There’s something new to explore every time you pop by. From craft breweries and distilleries to dynamic restaurants with authentic flavors, and everything in between, Schenectady has become a center for unique boutiques and retail incubators that house local talent. Go see it for yourself… Here are our top … Read More

Creative Economy Spotlight: Bear and Bird Gallery+Boutique

Bear and Bird specializes in vintage and contemporary illustrative arts of all kinds. It’s a colorful shop, offering an eclectic mix of affordable silkscreen prints, original artwork, useful amusing objects and unique gifts. Don’t miss getting a photo with the store mascot “Barry” – an awesome 8-foot tall bear that once upon a time lived at Magic Forest in Lake … Read More

Creative Economy Spotlight: Create Community Studios

C.R.E.A.T.E. Community Studios is dedicated to providing a space where the benefits of art-making impact both the individual and the community as a whole. They offer low-cost art workshops and groups, community wellness activities, and open studios to promote art-making and the creative process as a vehicle for personal growth, communication, and social change.  They believe that the beneficial experience … Read More

Proctors CEO Philip Morris’ Favorite Eats in Schenectady

Proctors CEO Phillip Morris

ACE asked Proctors CEO Philip Morris for his five favorite places to eat in Schenectady, and he said: “I have twenty!” Philip should know; he’s been living and working in Schenectady for over 20 years, since coming here to take charge of the historic downtown theater. Since then, Proctors empire — aka Proctors Collaborative — has grown to include Universal … Read More

Noshing Around Schenectady with Proctors’ Jean Leonard

Proctors’ Chief of Staff Jean Leonard has been at the epicenter of Schenectady’s creative scene and redevelopment efforts for over eight years, so we asked her about her favorite places to grab a bite. If I were going to eat my way through Schenectady for a day, I would: Have a breakfast sandwich at Katz’s on Jay Street.  The owner … Read More