SPAC and New York City Ballet Unveil Dance Videos Created in Saratoga and Troy

When the New York City Ballet was scouting locations for a series of gorgeous new videos to promote their upcoming summer season, SPAC  CEO Elizabeth Sobol found seven amazing Saratoga locations — and then reached out to Susan Herlands Holland, Executive Director of Historic Albany Foundation for her thoughts about a great location somewhere else in the Capital Region.

Holland, who was raised in the region and has an encyclopedic knowledge of locations thanks to her historic preservation work, immediately came up with a dozen great options. In the end, the Gasholder Building in Troy was chosen.

“The New York City Ballet has been one of my personal favorite experiences since I was a little kid and so I was able to envision how those ballet movements might look in wide open, ‘cool spaces,'” said Holland. “The Gasholder Building is one of the most unique historic buildings in the Capital Region. I thought it a perfect match.”

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