Freelancers Learn to Improv with Mopco

On September 6th, ACE Freelancers met up at Mopco Improv Theater, a renovated firehouse at 10 North Jay Street in Schenectady, home to a 60-seat theater, classroom space, and the offices of Koppett, a delightfully innovative consulting group that uses improv techniques with corporate clients including Microsoft, Chanel, and Facebook, among many others, to help with team building, conflict resolution, and more.

Mapco co-director Kat Koppett paired up ACE Freelancers and asked one partner to explain what a microwave oven was to a partner from 500 years ago. Turns out that the communication challenges in the exercise apply quite readily to what Freelancers do when pitching new clients who might not understand a new business model or concept. Armed with new skills and perspectives, the Freelancers were then treated to a hilarious, full-blown Mopco improv skit by Koppett and Mopco co-founder Michael Burns, who had the house roaring. Mapco troupe members Livia Armstrong and Alex Timmis were equally adept and ridiculously quick!

Don’t miss the amazing Mopco Improv Theater, and tell them ACE sent you.