The Creative Industries are grouped into six segments:

  • Design

    graphic design services, architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, industrial design services, printing, other specialized design

  • Media

    motion picture and video industries, sound recording, radio and television broadcasting, internet publishing, newspapers, advertising, bookstores, books and periodical publishers, public relations agencies, video game developers, independent writers

  • Visual Arts and Handcrafted Products

    photography, sculpting, painting, jewelry, pottery, textiles, pressed and blown glass, art dealers, galleries, craft making, craft stores

  • Performing Arts

    performing arts companies, promoters of performing arts, music and dance schools, musical instrument manufacturing and supplies stores, self-employed actors, dancers, directors, musicians

  • Heritage and Preservation

    museums, histoircal sites, libraries/archives, antiques, preservation

  • Artisanal Food and Agriculture

    specialty bakeries, craft brewers and distillers, cheesemakers, fiber and yarns makers, maple producers, small-batch and specialty food producers and processors