Overit’s Michelle Dinsmore Gives Her Hoosick Falls Itinerary

Hoosick Falls has always been a cute town, with a friendly vibe and a “hella” lot of potential.

Thanks to Jasen VonGuiness it now screams “Do epic shit!” (with the friendly vibe and cuteness still).

What Jasen has done in Hoosick Falls- building cool places to live, create, and enjoy life all while consuming awesomeness is such a gift to folks in and around Hoosick Falls.

THEN he adds live music, wood stoves, and the close-up train watching… now you start to feel that this is something obscenely unique and special you don’t stumble upon often. And it’s in this awesome energy town making a resurgence. Needing that resurgence.

Jasen has actually changed the fabric of the town for the better- it’s inspirational to hear and it’s encouraging others to look closer at towns in and around Hoosick Falls.

If you have the afternoon, on the way there…..

Aside from the obvious Troy…

New Lebanon if you have time is close by and is a place to catch a unique gift shop or a variety of vintage finds.

You can drive past Grafton State Park this time of year which is GORGEOUS – as well as pop into the Peace Pagoda for some needed additional zen.


Another spot that is also straight on the way into  Hoosick Falls  is Man of Kent.  It’s a destination. Great pit stop!


Michelle Dinsmore is one of the owners of Overit as well as runs two Airbnb’s ( Grafton Stone House)  not too far from Unihog.