Schuylerville’s Creative Economy: Cake by Alissa

Alissa Woods Cake

Alissa Woods CakeAlissa Woods worked as an executive recruiter for six years at a Boston, Massachusetts technology firm. “I was bored to tears, so I started taking some cooking classes on the side,” she said, standing behind the counter of her commercial kitchen on Broad Street and fixing an edible stethoscope onto a cake she was creating for a nurse.

Those early cooking classes led to a year-long bakery course and an internship at Putnam Market in Saratoga Springs, where she eventually graduated to the position of executive pastry chef. Woods started her business, Cake By Alissa, out of her Schuylerville home in 2011 and by November 2015, she set up shop on Broad Street. Her menu features more than a dozen cake, frosting and filling combinations, and she offers a bounty of options for special occasions. Putting together the pieces of a person’s life is a combination of creativity and research, said Woods, who also holds a degree in psychology from the University of New Hampshire. Since opening, she has hired two part-time employees to help with the work load.

“I call this my work shop. I’m open by appointment and it’s been working out great,” Woods said. One key is using high-quality ingredients. “There are things that you just can’t skimp on,” she said. The other is having a tight focus and being good at what you do. “It is a specialty, but I think doing one thing very, very well is what makes it successful.”


Cake By Alissa, 161 Broad Street, Schuylerville

(518) 727-7157  //  Cake by Alissa Website